Runner tips & info

Make sure you’ve got the right shoes! With more protection for rocks and roots built in, trail running shoes are vastly different from road shoes. They offer much better traction and have denser material to fend off the elements.

Even though it’ll be a cooler time of year, still remember to use sunscreen and to wear a hat. Not only will it protect you from sunburn, but also rogue tree branches and bushes.

If you’re tackling one of the longer distances make sure you carry additional water with you – even if you don’t think you’ll need it. There are plenty of ways to carry fluids on your run like camel packs (running vest packs), handheld bottles and waist belts.

To avoid injuries on your run, make sure you keep your eyes on the trails. Try and keep an eye ahead by about 4 steps and remember to slow down… it’s much more demanding than road running, especially with all the obstacles you’ll come across. Lastly, focus on time rather than distance. 10km on a trail run is actually a decent amount longer than the same distance on a road run.

Respect your fellow trail runners: it’s pretty simple. Give way to others and share the trail; stay on the marked trails and most importantly, don’t litter (or you’ll be disqualified).

To ensure the safety of all participants during the event, please be aware of the race rules and attend the compulsory race briefing before the event start. Any changes to conditions on course or important notices will be covered in this briefing.

If you see any competitors in need of medical attention during the event, please assist by calling the emergency phone number provided in the event handbook (released closer to the event) or by flagging medical staff.

What to bring

It is recommended that all participants carry the following basic items with them on the run:

  • A hydration pack, or sufficient water bottles to carry approximately 2 litres of water

  • Food, gels, energy bars, fruit – Please note, the event has a strict “leave no trace policy”: all participants are reminded that you must take out what you take in. Any form of littering will result in disqualification.

  • Mobile phone – there’s some coverage around the course