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Through this event, $791,777 has been raised since 2010 for MDWA. So it makes sense that we have taken on the task of running the entire event this year, thanks to Shire of Murray buying the naming rights to help make it happen.

For those who’ve done this event before, you’ll know the event organiser has changed a few times since the closure of Trievents. MDWA love and believe in this event and it’s why we put our hands up to work with the Shire of Murray to deliver it to you.

Aside from needing you to fundraise to support our community and programs, we ask you to do it to keep making this event happen. We’re using MDWA staff and volunteers - really investing our resources. You jumping on board means we know we’ve got your backing and that together we can deliver a successful event and an awesome mountain biking and trail running experience.

It’s a big commitment to run an event like this and we are doing it to drive better outcomes for our community, enabling us to generate more revenue to cover the services they deserve.

Soooo… put your hand up to fundraise! (PLUS you could be in with a chance to win a brand new Toyota Corolla, an AFL Grand Final package for 2 or $1,000 cash)… read more here.

A BIT ABOUT Muscular dystrophy wa (MDWA), THE ORGANISATION

We are a small organisation making a big impact. We only have 8 staff and we deliver services to around 800 families affected by muscular dystrophy (MD) or neuromuscular conditions across WA.

Living with MD brings many challenges, but we believe physical restrictions shouldn’t impact on a person’s desire to challenge themselves, pursue their dreams and achieve remarkable things. This means the services we focus on provide Support for Life - such as counselling, social programs, NDIS advice, advocacy and Cough Assist™ machines. And we still support research to find a cure, which is yet to be found.

Have a look at this video to see a quick snapshot of some of the great things we are doing and make sure you check out our website too.


MD is a group of genetic neuromuscular conditions where muscles slowly degenerate and weaken.  Although often thought of as a childhood disease, these conditions affect people at different ages and also different ethnicity, which not only makes finding a cure difficult, but supporting a diverse community challenging.

The impact of MD varies according to the type of condition but can include difficulty walking, lifting, speaking and breathing. Many types of MD may lead to a shortened life expectancy and in most cases this is due to respiratory or cardiac failure.

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