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The Original Dwellingup MTB EVENT

Dwellingup has some of the best trails the state has to offer, and here at the Dwellingup 100 we want everyone to experience the joy of mountain biking! Please check the events out below to find the best event for you.

Participants racing as part of the WA XCM State Series will be racing for points towards the overall series competition.

Please be aware courses are currently under design by a team of mountain biking legends and course directors. Provisional distances have been included and these will be updated closer to the event.

100 km Boomer $153
70 km Boxer $118
40 km Wallaby $98
14 km Joey $58

100KM Boomer

With over 1,800 metres of climbing, this course provides the ultimate experience, the ultimate challenge, the ultimate finisher satisfaction! You’ll complete both loops and this race is part of the Western Australian Cross Country Marathon State Series (WA XCM State Series). The 100km ride heads south first before heading North West to do the full 57km long loop, which includes Turner Hill.

CATEGORIES (minimum age is 18 years old in 2019):

Elite Open Category (only category eligible for prize money)
18-29 years old: Expert
30-39 years old: Masters 1-2
40-49 years old: Masters 3-4
50-59 years old: Masters 5-6
60+ years old: Masters 7 +

The following prize money will be available for the 100km Boomer ride event:

Open 1st Place: Male & Female – $500
Open 2nd Place: Male & Female – $250
Open 3rd Place: Male & Female – $150

70KM Boxer

The 70km event starts alongside the 100km riders and heads south for the first 34kms with 800 metres of climbing. Then you’ll head North West along the next 35kms of the course, covering about 1400 metres of climbing. This distance also forms part of the XCM State Series.

CATEGORIES (minimum age is 17 years old in 2019):

Under 19 Junior (17 – 18)
19-29 years old
30-39 years old
40-49 years old
50-59 years old
60+ years old

40km Wallaby

This trail is also aimed at the novice rider but for those who want more of a challenge. The course takes you through a great single track called the Gold Rush and is a heap of fun. It’s a good and challenging course with about 610 metres of climbing throughout. 14-17 year olds will accrue points in the Junior Shredder category as part of the XCM State Series.

CATEGORIES (minimum age is 14 years old in 2019):

Under 23
23-39 years old
40 + years old

14KM Joey

We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on enjoying the trails and serenity of the beautiful town of Dwellingup so once again there’ll be a 14km event to cater for each and every person. Not compromising on enjoyment factor, our course designer has compiled a course that will be sure to put a smile on your dial and have you coming back for more! This course goes through the Lolly Gobbler trail and is great for those new to mountain biking or who just want to get out there and give it a go. 

We also welcome our friends with Adaptive Cycles to the 14 km Joey.

CATEGORIES (minimum age is 8 years old in 2019):

Under 13
Under 15
Under 17
Open Category
Adaptive Cycles (helper/partner rides for free)